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Pass Plus

If you have passed your driving test within the last 12 months, you should consider taking a Pass Plus Course. The additional driver training should accelerate your experience and make you safer on the road. There is no test involved, and you could benefit from a saving on your Car Insurance premium. The Pass Plus Course is a minimum of 6 hours additional training, covering the following modules:

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Click above to visit the official Pass Plus site.

Do you have good driving experience, but some bad habits? Lack a little confidence in some areas of your driving, or just got back to driving after a break and need a driving health check?

Like all skills, without professional guidance or assessment they can get a little “rusty”. So if you think a little “polish” might brighten them up, consider taking refresher driver training, whether it is a one-off hour or a tailored course.

Call me on 07966 393410 to discuss your needs and you could improve your driving skills.

For details of pricing click here.

Looking for Advanced Driver Training or thinking of taking an Advanced Driving Test?  Click on the icons below for more information

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Refresher Training

Already have a Full GB Driving Licence? The Learning Continues!

Statistics show that you are at the greatest risk of being involved in a Road Traffic Collision within the first two years of driving.

Taking extra training is a proven method of reducing this risk.

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                            Town Driving

                            Adverse Weather Conditions

                            Rural Roads

                            Night Driving

                            Dual Carriageway Driving

                            Motorway Driving

You have to achieve or exceed key competencies in each module, as assessed by your instructor, to be issued with a Pass Plus Certificate. The course cost is £150.00, but if more than 6 hours is required to complete the course there is no further charge. To book a course call Gareth on 07966 393410 , or to
email click here