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My name is Gareth Marchant, I am an Approved Driving Instructor offering driving instruction to learner drivers, and Pass Plus courses, Motorway and Refresher Training to full licence holders.
With a passion for Road Safety, I have been involved in learner driver/rider education since 1994, initially teaching learner motorcyclists. Since becoming a DSA Approved Driving Instructor in December 2000, I have been providing driver training in and around Stirling.
My goal is to teach you to drive safely, independently and with self-awareness, not just to pass the practical driving test. To achieve this I need to offer the highest quality training, be patient, flexible, and using effective coaching methods be able to inspire and facilitate you to achieve the highest standards that you can.
If this is your goal too, give me a call on 07966 393410 and let’s get started!

Qualifications and Commitments to CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor, Grade A (2000)

Driving Standards Agency Fleet Driver Trainer (2015)

Driving Standards Agency Approved Motorcycle Instructor (CBT1 and Direct Access) (1999)

Level 3 Award in Education and Training (2015)

eDriving Solutions “Coaching for Driving Instructors” Course (2010)

eDriving Solutions “Psychological Approaches to Driver Education” Course (2011)
eDriving Solutions “Creating an Independent Learner and Independent Driver” Course (2013)

Autism Awareness Course (2011)
Dylslexia Awareness Course (2012)

AIRSO Road Safety Seminars - Presenter & Delegate

St. Andrews Emergency First Aid Course

NLP for Driving Instructors Course (2014)

“The goal of the coach is to raise the learner’s level of awareness (feel, input, information, self feedback) from its normal resting state to a far more acute receptivity which can more than double the quality and quantity of sensory and
visual information received, “information” that is often instantly, automatically and sub-consciously acted upon”

Coaching in Driver Training - What is it?

“Coaching works by helping/allowing people to take responsibility for their own learning by encouraging decision making”

John Farlam,

Coaching in Driver Training - How does it benefit you?

Professional Memberships

Vice Chairman, Forth Valley Driving Instructors Association

Member of

Member of Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers

Member of Driving Instructors Association
Gold Circle Member,

Member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders

Member of Institute of Advanced Motorists

Former Secretary and Vice Chairman, DISC
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