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Passenger Awareness Course

Traditional driving instruction or private practice generally does not mirror “real life” in that it is mostly carried out one to one. Other than on the Practical Driving Test it is rare to have anyone in the back of the car during a lesson. However, on passing the test it is highly likely that the newly qualified driver will carry friends or family in the vehicle, yet may never have experienced this situation before.

This course is designed to enable the risks and considerations of carrying passengers to be explored in a practical environment. Each participant can develop their experience and understanding of these through a mix of shared learning, group discussion and individual reflection combined with actually driving with passengers in the car.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes are for you as a driver to be able to:

The Passenger Awareness Course content:

Stage 1 - Pre Course Questionnaire

Stage 2 - Pre Course e-Learning Module (provided by edrivingsolutions)

Stage 3 - Practical Driving Session

Based on discussion of and responses to the pre course work, each participant chooses a scenario that they have identified could effect their driving whilst carrying passengers. This is then used as the basis for their practical driving session. Group discussion, feedback and review of each drive takes place to consolidate the learning outcomes.

Stage 4 - Post Course Evaluation

Course Duration (Practical session)

2 hours


£25.00 per person (three people per course)

£35.00 per person (two people per course)

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