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Welcome to the Resource Zone

On this page you will find access to information on what you need to start driving, the Theory Test and the Driving Test.

Before You Start Driving

1. You need a valid, provisional driving licence. Remember to bring both the photo card to your first lesson! Not applied for a licence yet? Find out how here.

2. You need to be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20m (20.5m if old style number plate). If you are unsure if your eyesight meets this requirement, please visit an optician before you start driving.

3. Get a copy of the latest edition of the Highway Code. Click on the Highway Code icon below to access the online version.

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Got a Theory or Practical Driving Test booked in Stirling? Need to know where to go, what you need and what to expect?
Remember to take both parts of your driving licence (or photo id if you have an old style paper licence) to either test, as your test will not go ahead without them! You will also need your Theory Test Pass Certificate for the Practical Driving Test.

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